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Wynum Operations Management

Track Implementation
Monitor Outcomes and Compliance
Optimize Decisions

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Connect Data

​Easily access data from multiple sources - paper, spreadsheets , databases, ERP systems, IoT, Messages

Flowchart Your Process

​Use forms and drawings, list variables to be tracked, operating conditions, desired outcomes, goals & key performance indicators

Activate Wynum Smarts

Smart bots learn process conditions & your goals to automatically track resource performance from library of algorithms or model built from scratch

Automate Compliance

​Were things done right? Are the results acceptable? Initiate Corrective Action of provide certificate of release

Optimise & Manage Processes

​What process conditions to use? What inventory levels? Decisions to change conditions, initiate maintenance, purchase or scrap or level load processes

Track Performance Goals

​Are goals met? Will there be failures? Root cause analysis, operations yield & cost, inventory management

Democratizing Intelligence

The Process Intelligence Engine !



Set up process & conditions

List stages, process conditions, expected outcomes & ranges, equipment, raw materials & products, operators or experts allowed.



Track compliance, assess KPI

Ensure process is per instructions, automate escalation models on deviations, track and predict KPI of interest, automate compliance & product release.



Scenarios planning & decisions

Assess variability, predict failure, automate process decisions, maintenance & optimize operational conditions to achieve key goals.

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